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Surgery packages

Are you considering a discounted spay or neuter for your pet?  Do you really want an assembly-line surgery for your family member?  Compare their surgery to our surgery.

Our spay and neuter surgeries include:

  • Pre-surgical exams and blood work. If your pet is new to us or we haven’t seen them within the past year, an exam is required prior to scheduling the surgery
  • Placing an IV catheter and administering IV fluids during the procedure. The IV catheter is also used to administer the needed medications for anesthesia and pain management as well as providing fast access in case of an emergency
  • A multi-modal pain management plan
  • A dedicated technician who monitors vital signs throughout the procedure and recovery including heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and body temperature

We believe in the quality of the surgical services we provide and that is why our surgical procedures are set up as surgical packages.  The above items are not optional with our surgeries.  This level of surgery may cost more because there is more equipment and care involved.

While your pet is in for a surgical procedure, the following optional services can be performed at no charge:

  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Oral assessment 

Please call Wolff Animal Hospital at (952) 884-4353 for additional details and requirements.