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The Importance of Dental Care

Dental disease (periodontal disease or periodontitis) is the most common condition in adult dogs and cats.  By three years of age, most dogs and cats have some level of dental disease.


Unfortunately, other than bad breath, dogs and cats do not show obvious signs of dental disease, even if it is severe.  Animals tend to hide signs of illness or weakness and dogs and cats are no exception. 


Many painful dental conditions develop gradually so behavior that an owner interprets as “acting grumpy” or being “head shy” may be the result of dental pain.


Wolff Animal Hospital provides full-service dental cleanings as well as dental radiographs (x-rays) and extraction services.


For more detailed information about periodontal disease, why anesthesia is necessary for a proper dental cleaning, why radiographs are important, and MANY other dental health topics go to www.avdc.org and choose “Information for Animal Owners” on the left-hand side of the page.