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Wednesdays & Fridays

We now offer FREE exams to new clients, to assess the health of your pet! This is a limited time offer for new clients only.

FREE exam can be used on Wednesdays and Fridays only. Our Free Exam Form must be completed and faxed (952-884-4305) or e-mailed (wolffanimalhosp@hotmail.com) prior to appointment.

Please CALL (952-884-4353) to schedule your FREE EXAM appointment with Dr. Cory!

If your pet needs a “follow up exam” within 10 days of initial examination, it will be FREE as well, for a total savings of: $70.50

Call now! 952-884-4353




Free services with surgery

To show you how much we believe in the quality of our services and to ensure your pet receives the care they deserve, our surgical procedures are set up as “surgical package”.

This includes a pre-surgical exam, bloodwork, IV catheter and fluids, intense pain management, blood pressure monitoring, pulse oxymetry, and a certified veterinary technician (CVT) next to your pet at all times.

To further complete our surgical procedures and to improve overall health of your pet, we are offering the following services FREE when we perform surgery on your young family member.

Non-core vaccines and one booster for dogs and cats, like lyme, lepto, bordetella and leukemia vaccines, fecal analysis, fluoride treatment, nail trim, ear cleaning, oral assessment and dental radiographs.

All of these products and services add a value of $414.65 for dogs and $257.8 for cats and will get your most valuable family member a good start with full immunizations, oral health and shiny ears!

Qualifying surgeries are: spay, neuter and feline declaws.