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Food & Prescriptions Online
All of our lives seem to get continuously more fast-paced and hectic. As a result, more people than ever are placing orders online for items they would have gone to a store to purchase a few years ago. At Wolff Animal Hospital, we recognize that the ability to order your pet's prescription refills and food online could simplify your life a little more too!
Although we do not recommend purchasing from online pharmacies because of the risk of purchasing drugs that are NOT federally regulated and could be dangerous, we are able to recommend a new online resource called Wolff Animal Hospital Home Delivered powered by VetSource. VetSource is the same veterinary distributor that provides us with quality, properly stored and handled medication and food. We have set up an online store which will allow you to purchase many pet supplies and medications online through VetSource and have them delivered to your door. We are now linked to the online store, so all your pets prescriptions will be recorded in your pets medical records when you use this service.

PLEASE PRACTICE A.W.A.R.E when ordering medications online.

Ask your veterinarian

Watch for red flags

Always check for site accreditation

Report problems and suspicious online pharmacies

Educate yourself about online pharmacies

Order online and have your food and prescriptions delivered right to your door

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